24 Apr

Well, competition season is in full force and is going great!!!  My competitors, Sarah Johnson, Ellen Hardesty and Sam Bossert are on FIRE!!!  They have worked so hard with intense discipline and drive, I feel lucky to be their trainer.  This season kicked off with the “muscle mafia” natural ohio bodybuilding, figure and bikini competition on march 31, 2012.  Sarah Johnson placed 2nd in open figure division, and 3rd in masters 35-39.  She not only worked hard before stepping on stage, she stayed focused and exceeded all expectation during the off season.  As a result, she owned the stage with her more symmetrical and increased muscular physique.  The judges loved her!!  She will be competing in the npc pittsburgh championships on may 5th and then she will be heading to junior usa national competition to compete with the best of the best!!  It will be held on May 19th in Charleston, SC.

Ellen Hardesty competed in her first figure competition at “muscle mafia”.  She came to me very tiny, completely inexperienced and unsure about the whole “competing thing”.  WOW, did she dominate!!  After putting on some size, giving 100% to her diet and training, she placed 1st out of 8 competitors in her masters class 50 and over.  She is a true example of what can be achieved when you put your mind to something!!  Although Ellen has the competition “bug”, we are going to take the next year to put on some more size and go into next season looking even better!!

Sam Bossert also competed in her first competition at “muscle mafia”.  She placed 6th out of what seemed like a million girls.  Sam competed in bikini which has really taken off in vast proportions in the industry.   Not being satisfied with her placement, a very determined and dedicated young lady decided last minute to  remedy any self doubt.   She went to pennsylvania the very next weekend and placed 1st overall at the natural eastern npc bodybuilding, figure, and bikini competition.  Sam is also going to compete in the npc pittsburgh championships on May 5th, and the  junior usa national competition in Charleston, SC on May 19th.

These ladies’ Physiques speak for themselves.  They result from a great amount of discipline and motivation!!  They make my job easy!!  This has been the most fun and exciting competition season  thus far.  I anxiously await the next two competitions.  Congratulations, good luck and thank you Sarah, Elllen, and Sam, you’re the BEST!!!


Sarah Nelson’s “BEFORE” and “STILL HARD AT WORK” photos

3 Jul

47 pounds

and still going strong!!  She will tell you that patience and consistency has been her key to success!!


23 Jun

Wow it’s been a year already at my new studio!!   I love the space, I love Grandview, I love my clients and I love my partner!!  However, what I love the most is all the success my clients have had.  In one year a number of  my clients have lost a total of  211 lbs and 145 inches.  This will lead to a longer, happier, and healthier life for all of them.  Congratulations to all for taking the first tough step and achieving success!!!  I would like to mention a few “stand out” clients who have really made and continue to make amazing changes.  Laura Swanson, Sarah Nelson, Bill Stout, Jennifer Clark, Erin O’Quinn, and Heidi Bostelman have made incredible transformations this past year!!  You all are Awesome!!  Also I want to say congratulations to Alex Green for participating in his first Warrior Dash,  Lindsey Sapp and Laura Swanson for running their first 5k, Jason Holt for passing his police academy fitness test, Sarah Nelson for riding in pelotonia, and Crystal Jo Holt for having her first baby, Pixie Jo.  As I like to say, your success is my success.  Thanks for a great first year!!!


3 May

Here are more amazing transformations by some of my clients.   I also have a few clients making huge changes and will have their “after” pics shortly…..keep checking back!!  As always, a huge congratulations to all of them for their continuous dedication!!!

Natural Buckeye Classic Figure Competition

23 Apr

Congratulations to Demi McBeath(beautiful blonde in the blue suit) and Sarah Johnson(beautiful brunette in the red suit) for doing so well in their second figure comptetion.   They worked really hard and it paid off!! Both ladies took top 5 in her category!!   As a former competitor and judge, I know the extreme dedication it takes to diet and train this hard.  I am so proud of both of them and I look forward to next season.  I also want to thank them for trusting me to lead them in this process.


4 Apr

Well all the girls have their first really big show (more than 200 competitors) under their belt.  They all did beautifully!!!  As everyone who has competed before knows, your first show is just as much about how you want to improve in future competitions as it is about how you placed in this one.   This is exactly the case with these three competitors this weekend.  They demonstrated amazing discipline, integrity, and support for each other.  As a trainer, I couldn’t ask for anything more.  As for the girls, they have their own personal goals for the future.  As you can see in the pictures, they SHINE on stage!!

Not to  mention the fun we all had behind the scenes:)

I have to give special accolades to  Sarah Johnson.  She did outstanding placing 2nd out of 10 in her open figure class and 7th out of 15 in her masters 35-39.  She missed first place by one point.  I’m so happy for her and she definitely deserved her fantastic placing.  Sarah and Demi will be back on stage in two weeks on April 16th at the buckeye natural classic.  It will be held  at the convention center here in Columbus.   Also, my client Bill Stout will be competing in his first bodybuilding competition.  Come out and support them!!!!!

Competition Weekend

1 Apr

I’m really excited for my clients competing in Lakewood this weekend. Demi, Sarah and Erin have trained hard, fought through ridiculous temptations, and took on an extra parttime job called “cardio”. They should all feel beautiful, motivational and deserving!! Good luck girls, I love ya:)